We help small and medium sized enterprises in northern Finland achieve growth.

The story of the fund began in the 90’s when Finnvera and municipalities in northern Finland founded a capital fund called Teknoventure Oy. In the beginning the fund invested in growing enterprises in their early stages as well. Later on, the company has concentrated its investments on high-growth enterprises.


Finnvera gave up its position as majority owner of the company in 2014 by selling its shares to private investment companies Arvo Sijoitusosuuskunta and Oulu ICT Sijoitus Oy. The trade transformed the status of the fund from public to privately owned.


The investment strategy and the target rate of returns have been elaborated. The company’s new name, Nordic Option Oy describes the fund’s strategy: The goal is to offer an option for making growth possible for SME’s in northern Finland.



Nordic Option Oy´s ownership is truly based in Northern Finland. The company is owned by 31 communities and municipalities in the region. The largest owners are:


Arvo Sijoitusosuuskunta
Oulu ICT Sijoitus Oy (Partnera)
City of Oulu
Kempele Municipality
Keskinäinen vakuutusyhtiö Kaleva
Nordea Pankki Oyj
Other owners

34,23 %
34,23 %
18,37 %
1,46 %
1,46 %
1,46 %
8,8 %
100 %


Board and CEO

Our CEO, Jaakko Lampela, is located in Oulu.

The board makes its decisions on investments based on the CEO’s proposals. The board is filled with diverse experience on investments and corporate life. When needed, the company consults its network of experts and advisors. The trust fund has outsourced its reporting and back office -operation to Greenstep Oy.


Sami Mäentausta

Reijo Tauriainen

Kati Peltomaa

Juha Ala-Mursula

Tommi Linna