The best companies in the world come from northern Finland.

Investments in target companies are valued at approximately 10 million euros and loans granted amount to approximately 1 million euros. The fund plans to further invest approximately 5 million euros during the years 2020 and 2021.

The fund complies with the recording principles of
the Finnish Venture Capitalist Association in its investment valuation, where applicable.


Target enterprises

Nordic option Oy has investments in seven  target enterprises.


Screentec Oy

Haltian Oy


The company invests capital in high-growth SME’s that have an established presence in northern Finland.The investment strategy also allows one million euros for a maximum of five early growth-stage investments. These growth-stage companies are to have significant growth in their annual turnover and exceptionally promising prospects for further growth.

The initial investment made is between 0,5-2,5 million euros. Further investments are possible when fully justified and deemed appropriate. A maximum of 15% of the fund’s capital can be invested in one target company.